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Inventory Management System


Solution Details

The Inventory System simplifies the task of maintaining precise stock levels within the warehouse while aiding in the organization, monitoring, and reporting of inventory-related data. The functionalities of the Inventory Control Module encompass tasks such as identifying inventory needs, establishing goals, offering replenishment strategies, monitoring item consumption, reconciling inventory totals, and generating inventory status reports. This inventory management system is meticulously crafted to oversee inventory quantities, orders, sales, and distributions. Its utility extends to the manufacturing sector, where it enables the creation of work orders, bills of materials, and other production-related documentation. Comprising various integral elements, the inventory management software operates harmoniously to establish a coherent inventory system that serves the needs of numerous organizations.

Key Features

System Modules

Multi-location inventory management system, Track of stock levels, Processes inventory receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments, Asset tracking, FIFO, LIFO, Average, Weighted Average and Standard Inventory Valuation Features.

Location codes to warehouses and Store, receive to, issue from, build to or transfer to/from any location, Physical Count/adjustments and Audit Trail, Process simple or complex physical count adjustments, Stock Transfer


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