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Project Management System


Solution Details

Recognizing the importance of having clear communication between different departments and teams within the organization, MIS has developed the best possible solution. MIS’s Project Management System covers the missing link between the different types of departments that are involved in the project management cycle including operation, engineering, financial, legal and top management.

The Project Management System’s power comes from automation, enabling the teams to effectively communicate what they know and ensuring continuous progress.

The system provides a set of features that support the different type of teams to manage their duties through the system’s modules covering bidding, budgeting facilities, subcontracting, variation orders, payments, specifications and deliverables, reporting …etc. utilizing all available resources and information in the business.

Key Features

System Modules

System Modules Description

Our comprehensive system encompasses various modules to optimize project management and organizational efficiency.

The Project & Contracts module emphasizes SMART goals and stakeholder engagement, ensuring meticulous planning and control. The Tender & Warranty Management module streamlines sourcing through electronic tender processes, fostering collaboration and supplier pre-qualification.

The Work Orders & Inventory Management module enhances maintenance and reduces costs across locations by optimizing work order processes.

Cost Analysis Management employs software to communicate and control project expenses effectively.

Correspondence Management systems ensure secure and personalized business communication, while Financial Management unifies accounting, banking, and payment systems for accurate financial reporting and real-time expense and revenue insights.


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